Heritage Committee - Its Role:

The purpose of the Heritage Committee is to advise SEDCOR and Council on the protection, preservation, and development of the Town's  heritage resources, such as old buildings, natural landscapes, cultural landscapes, wetland areas, etc., as a way to help maintain the community's identity, build community pride, and promote economic development.

The Heritage Committee Duties:

  1. Work with the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador re the designation of certain locations in the Gambo area as heritage properties; i.e. the Mi'kmaq Cemetery, Doloman's Point, Hay Cove, Mint Brook Townsite, the Anglican Cemetery, Pritchett's Siding, Drover's Beach, etc.
  2. Consider a permanent location Henders' Turbine presently resting at the town depot.
  3. Consider a permanent location for the models of William Pritchett's Sawmill  and  Saunders' Sawmill.
  4. Examine if it is feasible and practical to compile a list of artefacts in the Gambo area.
  5. Determine if the Sealers' Trek, the Passenger Boat Era, Logging, and the Railway can figure more prominently in the presentation of the history and heritage of the Gambo area.
  6. Discuss the feasibility of contracting someone to write a history of Gambo for public sale.
  7. Carry out any other duties that Sedcor may assign to the Committee.

The Committee is looking for a Level II or III student to sit as a member of the Heritage Committee. Any interested student should call Ray Goulding or Ted Stockley. A student will find the experience to be interesting, informative, and educational.