9/11 beyond words

9/11 Beyond Words Tribute

As Canada's most easterly province, Newfoundland and Labrador played a vital role in the days following September 11, 2001. Those days have had a lasting and significant effect on the Central Region and its people and we saw the 9/11 Anniversary as an ideal opportunity to reflect and to reaffirm our friendship with our friends to the south.

The Town of Gander is home to the Gander International Airport and is an aviation community. It was this airport and the Central Region that answered the call on that day when thousands of passengers were left stranded far from home, anxious and fearful in the face of such devastation.

The Central Region had developed a comprehensive plan to recognize this key anniversary. It was essentially a month-long tribute that incorporated a memorial service, live theatre production, concert, golf tournament and a fundraising drive. Our ultimate goal was to raise enough funds for a scholarship for children who lost a parent in the 9/11 attacks.

On September 11,2011, the Town of Gander held a memorial event to mark the 10th anniversary of the attacks. The Central Region also welcomed back those who came to stay with them during this fearful ordeal, not only to remember the tragedy, but also to remember the countless acts of kindness that were precipitated by that single act of devastation.


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