Senior's Heritage 50 + Club

The Senior's Heritage 50+ Club is an active organization that has approximately 25 members. The club and the community is devoted to the welfare and best interest of this community's elderly.  It is the only club in the community that acts on behalf of seniors and delivers programs to seniors.

Their goal has been, and will continue to be, the encouragement of seniors to come out of their homes and participate in activities that will promote physical and mental well-being. These activities promote socialization among seniors and the community at large. In doing this, the club reduces loneliness and isolation among seniors while simultaneously promoting an active lifestyle which reduces the incidence of sickness and the need for medical attention and treatment.

The Senior's 50+ Club occupy the first floor of the Gambo Community Youth Centre. The second floor is occupied by the Gambo Sports and Recreation Commission, Recreation Director and the Gambo Community Youth Centre. All three organizations, recreation, youth and senior's work together and support each other through various organized events and programs. Many of these programs are implemented by a Recreation Director who works very closely with the seniors and youth groups.

The Senior's 50+ Club hold meetings once a month and from time to time organize social events and special meetings with guest speakers. These social events include:  card games, outings, wellness seminars, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine parties, etc. Each year they also organize fundraisers to help offset some of their operational cost and this allows them to participate in various activities and attend meetings and other events relating to seniors. Seniors were limited in their fundraising activities in 2010 - 2011 due to the fact their building received some renovations.

The Town of Gambo realize that seniors who live in small rural communities sometimes have very limited resources, and to better serve the seniors of our community, they allowed them to occupy the ground floor of the GCYC building. The Town is responsible for the maintenance, heat and light, snow clearance and other expenses associated with the operation of this facility. The Town has worked very closely with the Senior's Club to acquire funding through the Senior's Community Recreation Grant and the Senior's New Horizons Grant. This funding will give our seniors the opportunity to enhance their building, purchase furniture and equipment, do some landscaping and also will allow them to engage in a more active lifestyle with increased physical activity and ultimately enhance their quality of life.

Seniors Heritage 50+ Club, Executive Members:

President: Caroline Keats, 674-5067
Vice President: Ron Perry
Secretary: Mary Pritchett, 674-5062
Treasurer: Lena Davis

If you would like to be a part of this Senior's Heritage 50+ Club, please contact any of these individuals.